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Connect 2 o-fire servers together, not cluster

Hi is their any way to link 2 servers together ? Problem is that my company doesnt have a cert from a CA, and more so getting that cert onto an Iphone.

So i want to have 2 servers, one with ssl one with out, and have them use the same roster, or even different ones but able to talk to users on each server.

User 1 who is on server A can talk to User 5 on server B.

This even posible ? Anyone else get openfire to work on an iphone with SSL ?


Could you elaborate on what you’re interested in about SSL on the iPhone? I would be curious to know what specific difficulties (if any) you are having? I will be attempting SSL on the iPhone soon as well…


well the iphone and its XMPP apps like to have SSL certs singed by a real CA. Im just using the self singed certs that openfire installed it’s self. It works when you have SSL disabled on openfire but i cant have that, and the sparks client is flash guess what ? Iphone doesnt support flash… I would rather just use a web client that doesnt use flash…

Ahh… don’t want to stray too much off topic of your original question but do you mind me asking what XMPP apps you are using on the iPhone? I am currently interested in a custom client using: http://code.google.com/p/xmppframework/.

So the question I ask is: is it the* specific application* on the iPhone that has issues with the nonverified SSL certificate or something in the iPhone SDK itself that does not like self-signed certificates?


we tried to use IMplus and Oneteam who happens to be by the same people who make ejabberd… none of them worked with ssl. Thanks for posting that google code link, ill have to check that out.


XMPP servers will connect to each other automatically as long as they have a different domain. So if you setup two servers, one with “xmpp.domain” set to example.com and one set to example.org the servers are able to find each other as soon as "foo@example.com" tries to send a message to "foo@example.org".

Why do you not run Openfire with SSL enabled but not required?

Maybe a connection manager is an option for you.


How will the two servers discovery eachother with out putting in their IP’s/hostnames. I have looked all over openfire admin site and dont see any thing about server to server besides the port option https://openfire-server:9091/server-props.jsp

Also that “server-props.jsp” page is not listed in any links in openfire, i had to google to find that…

We can’t do the optional SSL because we have 2 call centers, and we can not trust them to setup pidgin correctly to use ssl…

Thanks LG


see Server To Server HowTo’s for s2s guides. If foo@example.com tries to send a message to foo@example.org then Openfire will automatically create a s2s connection between example.com and example.org - if there’s no firewall it’s very simple.

If you can setup special DNS entries for your Openfire server within the call centers you may want to use a connection manager and force there TLS or SSL. A connection manager needs no special adminstration, so it’s more easy to integrate.