Connect from Outside Network

I’'ve just setup and installed Wildfire Server 3.0.0 on a Win 03 Server. On the setup I used the public dns name of our server ( for the xmpp.domain setting.

Inside the network users can connect with spark using the local name of the server. Server2k3.domainname.local with no problems.

I’'ve opened ports 5222, 5223, and 5269 on my firewall and forwarded the ports to the correct server and setup policies allowing them through from any source.

All this done I still cannot connect from outside my network using the server name I can also not telnet any of the above ports from the outside.

Is there something I’'m missing? Do I have to tell WiFi to listen to traffic from any IP? Please help, Thanks!


Wildfire binds to all interfaces, you can check this with “netstat -an”. So it seems to be a network or firewall problem.

I assume you are using always the same internal IP address (like also for the connections from the outside?


Ok the internal IP of my server is When I run the netstat -an I get a response like this:



I do not see those ports listed under but I assume this is ok because I see other ports that I know are in use listed only with

From the outside I simply use my dns name, which resolves to the public IP of my Firewall. I didn’'t specify the local IP address anywhere in the client.

Hi, means all interfaces so you may want to log all port 5222 packets in our firewall. It seems that it does still block port 5222 or that it does forward it to a wrong internal IP address.