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Connect to OpenFire from custome client

Hi all,

we have developed a client application from which we are trying to connect to openfire server.

We are not able to connect… We get in authentication error, even though user/pass are correct. but when we try from Spark, it connects.

Error : Authentication Error! wrong password or username.

What might be the issue, Will openfire work only with Spark??

I have a user/pass - user01/user01 create in the server, Its there in the datacenter and i am trying to connect it via IP

i am connect like this – JabberID – user01@<SERVER_IP>

Is there anything i am missing??

Thanks in advance.



I’m not sure that using the IP address is a good thing. But I least, I can assure you that you can use an openfire server also with gajim, psi, pidgin, telepathy etc.

Hey Shridhar,

Maxime is correct. Let me add something that you might find useful. From Spark and most of the mentioned clients you can open an XML debugger window that will print the traffic between the client and the server. You can compare that information against the traffic coming from your client.


– Gato


thanks for your reply.

Do we need a dedicated domain for openfire? and provide the full domain name, while installing openfire. we have a server at Datacenter and we have openfire installed on it.

How do we connect to openfire from our client, but the same works with Spark client. and in spark’s host we provide the IP of the server.



Hello Gato,

thanks for your reply.

will capture the xml data for request and response to check it. also will provide you the same data.




how did you connect to openfire

Thanks in advance.