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Connect with port mapping

I had a problem with Openfire 3.6.4
Openfire had installed in a local network on the computer (xmpp.domain = myglobname.com) From a local network there is an access to the Internet through the computer (it the basic DNS). The computer has the external network interface with a name, for example, myglobname.com
On all ports Openfire between computers and it is adjusted “port mapping”.
If I am connected to openfire from the Internet using a name myglobname.com all works well. If I am connected from a local network using address connection is established, but I do not receive any user from the list of contacts. What do I do incorrectly? How to force openfire to work with a local and global network together?
I apologize if my english is not good.

What client do you use? What if you try to login to globname.com in you client but manually specify a host as Also i dint quite understand this part about the port mapping. What exactly is done. is a DNS? Or is it a router?