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Connected user doesn't appear online


I have an old version of openfire (from begging of 2013) set up on first machine.

And there, when I am connected to, user always appear as online.

But on second - new machine where I installed current version of openfire without changing any code in my webapp,

when I am connected to, user is always offline. User is connected to openfire but under Users tab is not shown as Online.

I am sure that all settings are the same on both machines.

I am using SSL certificate but for time beeing I am making test localy.

Only change I did to connect to older version of OF I was using: https://x.x.x.x:7443/http-bind/ and for current one I am using https://y.y.y.y:7443 .

Do you have some tips/ideas what can be wrong?


Sorry for not being precise but this is forgotten project which was put on my shoulders.

I started to read documentation but till today I am not able to find out what could be an issue.

If you connect via BOSH you need to connect with the /http-bind/ behind the URL.