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Connecting AD to new 3.8 Install

Hey guys,

I’m testing out Spark for our company and I’m having some issues with the initial configuration. I am trying to connect Openfire to my AD but when I put in the info I get to the end and get a message that says “No username was provided or the specified username was not found”. I know I’m doing something wrong, just cant figure out what. Here is what I input for the setup:

-Embeded Database

-Directory Server (LDAP)

Connection Settings:

Server Type: AD

Host: IP of my DC

Port: 389

Base DN: cn=LA Office,dc=mycompany,dc=int (LA Office is where our users are located. they are then in sub folders organized by department)


User Mapping

Username Field: sAMAccountName

Group Mapping:

Group Field: cn

Member Field: member

Description Field: description

Any help would be appreciated!


Is that really a semi-colon in your base DN?

Sorry, no. Typo

make your base dn this


Then use search filters to filter out everything else.

When I do that I get this error:


Problem accessing /setup/setup-admin-settings.jsp. Reasen:

Server Error

Caused by:


Well I change the server name to “localhost” and I’m not getting that HTTP error anymore, but still getting the original error.

I got it, thanks.

Make sure under Administrator DN you have: cn=administrator,cn=Users,dc=mycompany,dc=com

I left out the cn=Users.