Connecting jsjac to wildfire

I’‘m trying to get the jsjac library to work with wildfire and i’‘m not having any luck. I’'m trying to just get the simpleclient.html example app to work.

I’‘m certain i’'m just doing something wrong. I have installed wildfire on my desktop, the admin works just fine. The simpleClient.html example is asking for 4 settings:


Jabber Server



I’'ve set both HTTP Base and Jabber Server to “localhost”. I can connect when i use the spark client, so i know wildfire is working fine, i assume the HTTP Base is what is wrong, because i use localhost in the spark client and it works.

Any ideas?


HTTP Binding is not yet implemented in Wildfire. It’'s due for 3.2.0

See JM-356

What about the “JabberHTTPBind1.0” servlet? I’‘ve attempted to install but just haven’‘t had any luck. The instructions are very vague. Has anyone here set that up? Clearly i’'m not the first person to use the JS based chat with Wildfire. Can anyone walk me through the steps to get it up and running?


Hi Steve,

there are a lot of JWChat related threads in the forum, installing JHB within Tomcat is also described.


HTTPBind is up and running in the current nightlies if you are looking to get something up and running soon, they are generally very stable and represent the latest and greatest Wildfire code.