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Connecting on startup - username instead of full name

My Spark is set to run on startup (through a registry entry) and also joins a conference immediately upon connection.

The thing is, when I join in this manner, my nickname is my username (first part of my JID) and not my “real name”. This information is retrieved from our LDAP server (previously Windows 2000 AD, now Windows 2003 AD).

If I close Spark (either before it connects or once it connects and joins the conference), wait 30 or more seconds and reopen it, I join the conference with my “real name” instead of username

We’re using Openfire 3.4.1 and Spark 2.5.8 but it’s been happening since it was called Wildfire and Spark 1.x.

Also, it would be nice if, when clicking on a user in the conference, instead of chatting with their “conference” ID of themselves it chatted with the “regular” instances of themselves.

Edit: I’ve noticed that this actually occurs throughout Spark. My name in the roster is my username, and my avatar image (also retrieved from AD LDAP) is not there. If I close Spark and wait for the login script (in our case, a KIX script) to finish, and then reopen Spark, all is as it should be.

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Changed to reflect the issue happening Spark-wide, not just on conferences

Not saying that this will help because I do not know hat you are doing with your kix script. You can modify your vCard settings in the openfire.xml to map things correctly for AD. You need to modify your <N></N> tags and add <NICKNAME> tag. It should look as follows:






Thanks, I’ve just changed the settings on the server and will let you know how it goes. I previously didn’t have a nickname and the N field was using the displayName.

Strangely, it seems to have worked for me but not for other people at startup. I still think it is tied into the login script. The script itself is nothing special, reconnects network drives if they are not present, runs a few things to change settings for users, runs an application or two. However it can take a couple of minutes once the users are logged in which is where the delay is coming from.

Note that our users are logging onto domain A (where the login script runs) and Spark is on domain B (same usernames and passwords on both, no trust relationship) so I don’t see why it should be the login script causing the issue.