Connecting Pandion to WildFire server from the Internet

I’'m on another attempt here. I have configured my router and ISA Server 2004 to forward traffic on ports 5222 and 5223 so I would be able to connect Pandion clients in one office to the main office. Unfortunately, after I enter the login information and password I get a message “Impossible to login. The probable causes are - You informed an incorrect password - The informed account does not exist in this server”. None of them is true as I can login to these accounts locally without a problem.

It’‘s possibly something related to the information I’‘m using to login from outside the network, in the e-mail field. I’‘m using Dyndns as we have Dynamic IP for this connection. I’'m entering:

Does anybody has a clue on what might be wrong???


Heck, I see nobody knows how to do this. Well, with fixed IP it’'s piece of cake, but with dynamic IP I have to be messing up with the Hosts file and add the internal name of the server I want to connect to the file with the Internet IP. It works perfect but it will be a nightmare to change the IP to all customers.

If anybody has any better ideas, I’'m all ears…



do you have this problem only with Pandion?

I did never try the Spark feature where one can use the Advanced tab to specify a server or use auto detect for connection host and port and one can also enter a server name.

I have no idea what one should enter as connection host and what as server name but maybe you can find out.