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Hi, some of our users cant login at all - unsure if its the recent 3.01 upgrade but downgrading the server doewnt seem to fix it

tried the fix suggested


but it is still hanging on login, connecting. please wait

its definatly spark thats causing it, not the server, as other clients seem to work fine

Exception in thread “Thread-4” : input contained no data



at .java:111)

at :90)

at java:75)



at com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream.fromXML(

at com.jivesoftware.sparkimpl.plugin.layout.LayoutSettingsManager.getLayoutSetting s(

at com.jivesoftware.LoginDialog.startSpark(

at com.jivesoftware.LoginDialog.access$700(

at com.jivesoftware.LoginDialog$LoginPanel$1.construct(

at com.jivesoftware.spark.util.SwingWorker$

at Source)

Caused by: input contained no data

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.fillBuf(

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.more(

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.parseProlog(

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.nextImpl(



… 13 more

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any tips appreciated its still affecting about 25% of our users

still cant get spark to login, using exodus as a temporary fix, but would be nice to be able to go back to spark again