Connecting Spark Chat Client through Proxy Server

Hi All,

I need your help please. I have three pcs on my home-office network, all of them running Spark Chat Client.

1.) Openfire 3.6.0 runs on a remote server, accessed through the internet

2.) PC A has direct access to the internet and connecting Spark Chat client to the Openfire server is no problem at all. PC A is also a proxy server through which PC B and C connects to the internet

3.) PC B and C can connect to the internet via the proxy server (PC A), but Spark Chat client cannot. It says, username or password incorrect or server unavailable.

4.) I have tried to set up the proxy settings:

Protocol: HTTP

Host: IP address of PC A (proxy server)

Port: 8080 as definied on PC A (proxy server)

No username and password is used to connect via the proxy server

Could anyone please assist me in connecting Spark on PC B and C via the proxy server PC A?

Thanks in advance