Connecting to a running wildfire instance using API

Hi all,

is it possible to connect to a running wildfire server (running on the same machine/JRE) using wildfire.jar?

For example… if I have a running wildfire server on my machine… can I use wildfire.jar to (for example) create users, rooms etc programmaticaly from my app?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english!


I’'m not sure how you want to create users, maybe you want explain it.

Wildfire supports ad-hoc commands over XMPP to manage some things.

There is also the web based interface which one can use via HTTP/HTTPS.

It’'s not a good idea to write to the database directly as Wildfire caches a lot of the database content.

So your app may want to use a XMPP connection (using Smack) to do this.


LG covered a lot of the issues. However, I’'ll add that if you want to invoke the Wildfire API directly, the best way to do that is by writing a plugin (see the plugin developer guide that ships with Wildfire).