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Connecting to Jive on GAIM SSL in windows

I saw some posts on SSL in GAIM before and I had believed this issue to be fixed in 2.1.5, but I am still having troubles. Could this be because I am using the windows build? Has anyone had success with this using a windows build of GAIM? Basicly attempting to connect with SSL freezes GAIM for a good 5 mins and then I get an error message could not connect. I do connect though, using SSL, sucessfully through exodus.

Thanks for the help,



I’'ve tested with Windows GAIM build against 2.1.5 and it worked. Did you use a custom keystore for your Jive Messenger install by chance?



As far as I know, no. I did not change anything with regards to the keys from whatever the installer does.


I have Jive 2.1.5 on a Win 2003 server running SSL and LDAP with GAIM 1.3.1 as a client on Linux and Various Windows. For me SSL worked right away. I did however delete the original keys and create new ones for DSA and RSA and changed the keystore password. You will want to make sure in the GAIM client that you “Force old SSL” checked off. All seem to be working good so far.