Connecting to the embedded database


I am using wildfire 2.6 on linux with ldap-auth and embedded db backend for the rosters. I would like to know if it is possible to modify the embedded database data while the server is running.

My aim is to add and remove users and groups from users’’ rosters without having to restart the server.

Please let me know if this is possible and how.

I have tried the rostermanager plugin but i dont want to use it bcoz it asks users for authorization. I want to do this without requiring the authorization of users.



Hey Deepak,

When using the embedded DB Wildire caches most of the DB tables in memory. However, even if you were using another external DB (e.g. mysql) I would highly recommend NOT to edit the DB directly. The reason for this is that Wildfire caches many data to improve performance so data updated in the DB may not be seen in memory. Moreover, if Wildfire updates the data in the DB you may end up with some inconsistency in the DB since Wildfire will update the DB with the info that was being cached in memory.

Having said this, I would recommend using a plugin that will let you modify the data that you need or, if possible, stop the server and then perform the DB updates.


– Gato

I tried doing what you ask by setting the cache to low levels (cant remember what post it was where someone said about it) it works fine, I have been working with 20 people and while the servers uses a little bit more of processing, I havent had any real problems so setting the cache to low levels can be what you need at least for rosters and groups, though what I cant manage to do is make it work for chat rooms as I dont want members to create them, instead I want to create them using some modules from another system.


Thanks for ur replies.

I guess I can give it a try, since we too have a small set of users and like Oscar says he has tried it and there are no real problems. All i need to do is modify rosters and groups in the db.

1.) So please let me know “HOW” I can connect to the embedded database while server is running and make changes. I tried using sqltool from the linux command line but in vain.

2.) I have also tried changing to mysql before starting this thread. But I did not find any way to migrate existing data. The import/export plugin does not work since I am using LDAP. My users’’ data is important. Already lost all rosters once while migrating from jabberd2 to wildfire. And my boss was not too happy about that :).

If you can help me with either option 1 or 2 im sure I will find my way after that AND ill be grateful.