Connecting wildfire and google talk


we have a wildfire server running in our intranet to enable IM within our network. The server on which wildifire is currently running has direct access to the internet and sits on a dedicated ip.

Now is it possible to enable connection between google talk and the wildfire server so that users can be available both in gtalk and also local chat ie. i can talk to other intranet contacts and also googletalk contacts using the same account (if possible or diffrent accounts) using just one jabber client running on my pc.

Any help pointing me towards the right direction will be greatly appreciated. i scoured through past threads and they talks something about server to server communication but definite info i could not source


Yes. You should just enable server to server connections. You can do this in the Admin Console, on the Server tab, on the Server to Server page (first in the Server Settings list). You have to enable server to server communications, set a port (and open it up in the firewall, if you have one). If you want, you could whitelist the GTalk domain (I think just should work) so only connections to/from can be made from your server.

i just did that, and 5269 is also open, but nothing would happen. When i added it said successfuly added (without any errors popping up) and now when i try to signin with my account, the client says wront username or password


I have on port 5222 under Allowed to Connect with anyone selected

Trying to login to your GTalk account doesn’‘t use your Wildfire server: it tries to connect directly to Google’'s Talk servers. The only thing you can do (which I thought you were trying for) is use your Wildfire account to talk to accounts.

Changed the default server-server connection port to 5222 and added , on 5222 on the server to server setttings with everyone allowed to connect. still does not work , My firewall has these ports open


So, as Manuzhai mentioned, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to login to your gmail account through Wildfire server? Then you wount be able to do this.

Or are you trying to chat with some gmail contact? Do you see it online? Does this person see you online?

I would like to add Google Talk to my IM client just as Yahoo, MSN, AIM and ICQ are. Can this be done? I am using Spark as a client

i think Gtalk uses pot 5223 not 5222

Here I’'ll try and explain this better.

You CAN talk to your google contacts, but you CAN NOT do this via logging into your gmail account on spark.

When you log into spark it is connecting to your wildfire server and therefor cannot log into gmails servers (for authentication) . You must authenticate on your local wildfire server and this requires your local account login and password. What S2S does is it allows your server to communicate with another server.

With this you can talk to google contacts on the google server, but with your local wildfire account. So here are the steps you are going to need to take.

  1. Setup your server for S2S (which you have done)

  2. Log in to your Spark Client to your server with your local server username and password

  3. Add all your gmail clients manually to your client. (yes this will mean re-adding them, and they will have to accept your wildfire server IM address as a contact… such as

  4. You will be able to chat away with your google contacts.

Hopefullly that explains things a bit better. Oh, and a transport is under development which will let you sign in like MSN and Yahoo! and the like, but for now this is the way to do it!

I want to connect to my Wildfire server via Google Talk. The purpose is to be able to use the Gtalk Blackberry Client to handle my wildfire (internal) conversations… is this possible?

@tdickson - gtalk (jabber) transport would be GREAT!

can’'t wait to get my hands on it