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Connecting with MSN or ICQ

I’‘m trying to add MSN and ICQ support to my Smack client, but I’‘m not sure how to proceed. I searched the archives here, but I can’'t find a good starting point. I know it has been done before (JBother for instance supports MSN and ICQ), but I wonder what has to be done on the client side. Assuming the server has transports for MSN and ICQ, what necessary steps are there for the client to connect to those services?



I had to send a new Registration packet to the server. The server will respond with a packet that will contain the fields that you need to send back in order to register (IE - the MSN transport requires that you send your username, your password, and a nickname, while the ICQ transport only requires your ICQ number and password). Once I get the information that needs to be sent to the server, I present the user with a dynamically built form. They fill it out, I send it back to the server, and voila.

The code for this can be found in com.valhalla.jbother.gui.RegistrationForm in the JBother source code.