Connecting with Other IM [ From the # Wildfire Support Section# ]

Hi Ryang and Toetag,

I m back in the " IM Gateway Support" section, and also a lot of thanks to both of you.

Right now my Wildfire server supporting to Yahoo client and I can Chat with other people which are in my roster.

What exactly I did I created an account name test1 and login using Spark. and then click on Yahoo gateway icon where Spark asked me to provide my existing Yahoo Id. I did this and I get the whole user list (Previously I was using Trillian Basic).

But what exactly I found that all the other existing User Ids changed to to

Actually I m not understanding why it is rather than simply

Also, when I directly invite a chat from “Action–> Start A Chat” with my own gmail Id Its is displaying “Pending”.

(As far as I know that GTalk based on XMPP protocol and required no special gateways)

Also, the reply from Toetag that it requires " ", but it really works fine with simply " ".

Thanks a lot for your support and moving to Smack API forum. Hope you guys will be there.


You’‘re not talking to directly, but you’‘re talking to your gateway, that’‘s why it’‘s not If yahoo would have an XMPP-interface like gtalk has, you could use (but then you wouldn’'t need that gateway at all).

The issues with gtalk are not related to the IM gateway. There are some setup requirements to get s2s with to work, mainly turning on s2s in Wildfire, having an SRV entry in the DNS records, and some firewall settings (allowing incoming and outgoing connections to 5269).