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Connection.connect("flash") method didn''t give me the real connected status


I am totally new in Macromedia Flash. I want to create a simple chat application using XIFF API from jivesoftware.org.

What I want to do is createating a complete flash application in Flash 8.0 and after that I will use the SWF file in web application (ASP .NET 2005).

I m facing the problems below

  1. XMPPConnection class method connect returns a boolean value whether I connected to the server or not. But it always returns true although I give a meaningless string/name as the server name e.g “Meaningless Server Name”. The method isActive() is also not give me the actual state of the connection.

  2. XMPPConnection class has the defined event handler “incomingData”,“outgoingData” etc. But I don’'t find a handler of “login” as well as “groupMessage”. But I have seen an example where they use it and it works fine

  3. I also try to create a waiting screen which will show to the user that “Please wait while connecting”. I create it but I want to show it for the amount of time that will need to connect to the server. If a false value is returned than I will take back the user to the login screen. But since the connect method rapidly return true so the frame is being invisible.

I am trying to create the SWF file in Flash 8.0 and publish it with selected value of HTML checkbox. I test it by pressing Ctrl+Enter in Flash 8.0. But when I play the SWF directly from the local storage it shows that SWF is trying to connect with the net and give a pop up meaasge box. After that I went to the Macromedia site and select the SWF file and give the permission to access internet. But I can’'t solve the problem…

Thanks in advance for kind reply


I agree with point 1 but I think that’'s how the way XMLSocket.connect works. Could be wrong though.

If you haven’'t already done so, you could have a look at xiffian source code (first web client built on XIFF API)


XMPPConnection.as class does dispatch a “login” event.

In order for other buddies to see you, you need to call rosterInstance.sendPresence() like this :

var buddy = new Roster(connection);

buddy.setPresence(Presence.SHOW_NORMAL, “I am available”,1);

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thanx a lot buddy, I already get started with XIFFIAN but the interesting thinf is XIFFIAN is designed/develop by one of this forum member. Perhaps :b0ris.

Good Work. huh!


bOris is the man!

oh my God,Its huge for a novice like me

Ok thanks anyway