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Connection Manager DNS queries

Ok - I am setting up Openfire with connection manager and have below queries. Would appreciate if any body can help me to answer those

Here is my scenario

domain -: example.com

Openfire Server -: eim.example.com

user -:blason@example.com

Connection Manager Server -: cmeim.example.com

Now what shoudl be my DNS Srv Entries? Should that point to connection Manager server or Openfire Server?

While logging on server if I choose automatically detect entries then I believe SRV entry should point to CM server? And if so what if I have multiple CM servers pointing to one Openfire Server?




SRV IN _xmpp.client._tcp.eim.example.com 0 0 5222

Point your SRV records to the connection manager instance. If you have multiple connection managers, setup additional SRV records with different weights/priorities to either do really basic load distribution, or at least failover for clients.

how you setup connection manager in you server?