Connection Manager fails to Connect

I’‘ve created my DNS SRV records for my domain and setup my Wildfire server. Now I’‘m trying to get a connection manager to connect to it. The connection manager directive is the domain name for my domain and it is resolving and attempting to connect to the Wildfire server. Here’‘s what I’'m seeing on the Wildfire server side…


2006.08.18 16:34:52 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=59878,localport=5269]


2006.08.18 16:34:52 04) Connection closed before session established Socket[addr=/,port=59878,localport=5269]


2006.08.18 16:34:52 Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header. Host: wahuk/Connection Worker - 2. Connection: socket: Socket[addr=/,port=59878,localport=5269] session: null

On the Connection Manager side the debug log shows…

2006.08.18 16:34:52 CM - Trying to connect to lookup:

2006.08.18 16:34:52 CM - Plain connection to successful

2006.08.18 16:34:52 CM - Error while opening stream: <stream:error xmlns:stream=“”></stream:error>

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The connection manager cannot connect to the regular S2S port.

You need to define 2 xmpp-server values, one for the S2S port, one for the connection manager port.

Excellent. That did indeed do the trick. Since I don’'t have any other Jabber servers that I want to peer with currently I simply changed my one server entry to use the port for the connection manager connection. I now have DNS entries that look like this:

xmpp-server.tcp SRV 5 0 5262

xmpp-client.tcp SRV 5 0 5222

Now I just need to figure out how to get TLS working correctly on the Connection Manager.

Thanks for your help!