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Connection Manager on Startup - CentOS

I realize this is probably a REALLY simple solution that I’m missing, but, I need a way to start the OpenFire connection manager on startup as a background service with CentOS. I currently use “screen” to manually run it in the background. I have attempted to add the cmanager.sh script as a startup item through Webmin, but, I’m definitely doing something wrong.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

In the cmanager install there is a bin/exta directory. Copy cmanagerd to /etc/init.d and use chkconfig to enable it like any other service.

You can also manually start/stop it with ‘service cmanagerd start’, for example. That works on our RHEL6 systems - Don’t recall if we made any tweaks to the script or not.

Thank you very much. It defaults to user “jive”, which it doesn’t seem to create itself; so, I just changed the user it runs as for the time being.

James - May I ask what is your use case for connection manager vs. using a cluster or a single server?

For what it is worth, we use the connection manager as a proxy in our DMZ - We don’t directly expose internal services to the internet, so connection manager was a reliable intermediate without having to use a raw TCP proxy.


We are using this in a similar situation to David above. OpenFire itself runs on an internal server that is not directly accessed by any client. All clients, internal or external, access the OpenFire system through a Connection Manager in a DMZ security zone.