Connection manager / scalability

a connection manager should be able to handle 5k concurrent connections.

how many connection managers can be handled by a widfire server?

it would be great if those who run a real world cm/server setup could post some information about their setup (number of cm’‘s, what type of hardware for the cm’'s, what type of server, server load etc.)

maybe some representative of jivesoftware could provide some numbers here?


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Hey druid99,

The Connection Managers module is quite new (has been around less than a week) so I doubt that you will find many installations out there using it. Anyway, many people are already trying them and it would be nice to get there feedback.

The server is also able to handle between 5K and 6K concurrent connections. Therefore from a theoretical (and naive) point of view you may say that you should be able to handle around 25 million concurrent users. Being real, Wildfire will run out of memory well before you get to that number. If you are planning to get close to 100K concurrent users then you will need to correctly finetune server’'s cache and use a very good server (e.g. many processors, and a good amount of memory).

Connection Managers will consume a good deal of socket I/O and will need a good amount of memory (e.g. 1 GB) if you plan to reach 5-6K per CM.

If you are planning to run some stress tests then feel free to share with us any problem you are facing so we can see places where CM or Wildfire may be optimized. And if things are just running fine then we would like to hear your history.


– Gato

hi gato,

scaling out the cm’'s will not be the problem of course

the cm’'s will provide the possibility to handle n x ~5k connections, where n will be limited by the single wildfire server.

could you provide some performance statistics of a maxed out wildfire server (handling 5k connected active users) which give us a a hint how much server load will be taken by the cm’'s?


how much load is taken from a single wildfire server (handling 5k active users) when ONE cm is added (now handling those 5k active users) so that the server now has only one cm to handle?