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Connection Manager

I have set up a openfire server with 4 connection managers.

Now should my client application just make a connection to one of them by random? I guess by making a random number from 1-4 you would get a sort of load balancer… or am I totaly wrong?

Are there load balanceres I could use? any that I can use with win08 server?


one usually uses a hardware load balancer or DNS round robin. Having four ip adddresses for your server name in DNS should work fine.

If you really want to make sure that new connections are established with the connection manager which has the least connections or the most idle cpu time you need a hardware load balancer (eg Foundry).



Thanks alot for you answer.

Does the servers with the connection managers require alot of RAM? Bacause Now I have 8 GB RAM on the openfire server and each connection manager are running on servers with 2 or 4 GB.

If I go for DNS round robin how will this work in practice when I have 4 CM? My clients query a ip and this uses the round robin dns to forward to the correct CM?