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Connection Managers and throttling

Note: this question is related to another post of mine in OF Support, this one investigating a particular aspect which I felt was better suited here.

Original post: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/38425?tstart=0

Is anyone familiar with the code in openfire.test.throttle by Matt Tucker?

I am trying to figure out where configurability of the implemented throttling mechanism might lie, such as setting specific limits for adapting the data flow rates. Or if indeed the implementation allows for this at all, for instance in the case of it simply adjusting incoming acceptance based on outgoing rates, rather than actual limits.

I notice also that for example openfire.nio.ConnectionHandler monitors the amount of bytes written and read, which I assume may be related to this mechanism. Does this mean I can use or adapt current ConnectionHandler(s)/ConnectionManager(s) for this purpose?

Thanks for your time and help, both on this posting and the huge amount of work by contributors to source etc and forums.

You guys make the world go round !

Just want to add to my previous post that if someone has looked at or modified in any way code relating to connection managers, data throttling, packet sizes and/or related limitations/control it could be very interesting to hear their view on implementing or modifying controls on the amount of data being transferred at any specific time interval. Or things they found out is/isn’t there, approaches that did/didn’t work etc. Any help or info at all greatly appreciated. Thanks again!