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Connection problem

Does anyone know if there is a trick to getting server-to-server communication to happen?

Currently I am using a client I wrote with the Smack API and the Jive Messenger trial server on two separate machines on an intranet. Aside from having port 5269 open for the server-to-server connection is there anything else specific that needs to be done so the servers can talk with one another and relay messages from one user on one server to another on a different server?

Sorry if this question involves more server issues but I wasn’'t sure if the client has to do something specific.

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As you said this is a server issue and not a Smack issue. AFAIK, the actual version of Messenger does not support server-to-server communication. However, this feature is in Messenger’'s roadmap. Follow this link for more information http://www.jivesoftware.com/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=10475[/url]


– Gato


Just wanted to confirm Gato’‘s comment. Messenger 1.0 and the upcoming 1.1 don’‘t support server-to-server (s2s). It’‘s something we really would love to add but surprisingly (or not) most of our existing customers don’‘t have it on their ‘‘must have’’ list. So s2s has been given a lower priority to other features on the roadmap like advanced multi-user chat. We try to be responsive to customer demand though so people that want it should put in a vote on the forum to show that it’'s a priority for you.