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Considering Openfire 4.2.0 Release on 4 Dec 2017

During the weekly ignite video chat, we discussed releasing Openfire 4.2.0 on Monday, 4 December 2017. Anybody have concerns regarding this? btw, here’s a summary of the number of downloads of the beta artifacts

Openfire Download Stats for Release: 4.2.0beta
      openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.i686.rpm     11
    openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.noarch.rpm     11
    openfire-4.2.0-0.2.beta.x86_64.rpm     49
           openfire_4.2.0.beta_all.deb    179
               openfire_4_2_0_beta.dmg      3
               openfire_4_2_0_beta.exe    373
            openfire_4_2_0_beta.tar.gz     30
               openfire_4_2_0_beta.zip     19
    openfire_4_2_0_beta_bundledJRE.exe     12
openfire_4_2_0_beta_bundledJRE_x64.exe     25
           openfire_4_2_0_beta_x64.exe    393
        openfire_src_4_2_0_beta.tar.gz      3
           openfire_src_4_2_0_beta.zip      6

It runs ok on my test box. Have no concerns, although i run a minimalist setup. No LDAP, or archiving or ofmeet.

Although with similar constraints to wroot, it seems to be working well for me,too.


Horse is out of the barn now (4.2.0 is released :slight_smile: )

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Shouldn’t there be a separate blog post?