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Console Admin Group - Active Directory


I want to use an Active directory Group that can login to the admin console.

Is this possible? What I need to do?

Thanks a lot!


No one like this feature? An Active Directory Group to administer the Jive Console.

Thanks to all.

I can’‘t say i like it or dislike it. It’‘s my server and i’‘ll cry if i want to! i’'m the only one that has access to it.

From a techincal standpoint, i’‘m not sure the web interface is built to provide AD security and/or groups. I’‘ve not dissected the code, but it appears to be nothing more than a login account for the admin interface thats hardcoded. I don’‘t see where you could assign other Jabber accounts the role of Admin. Without some sort of user roles for the console, i’'m not sure if the admin console could accept anything more than that one default account.

It might be suggestable and maybe one of the developers could post a JM for it. Without a rewrite of the console code to provide for user roles, i’‘m not sure there would be a way to do as you’'d like.

Hi All,

While Messenger doesn’'t (yet) have the notion of role based privilages to the Admin Console you can add additional admins by uncommenting the section in the jive-messenger.xml config file and adding users to it.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Ryang. Learned me something new, I did. The configuration of Jive can be done so completely in the Admin console, i’'d forgotten there was XML files that you can manipulate.