Contact List (Roster) Sharing not working for AD Groups

Hello everyone,

I’m getting an issue with contact list sharing. I have some AD groups with members, I enabled group list sharing with my our group on "Enter contact list group name". I can see the member of my group on Spark, included me.

I marked “Share group with additional users” for all users or for the groups but I cannot see the other member groups with their member. The application is telling “group information updated successfully”. No issues found.

They are connected to Openfire because I can see their sessions on server.

Do you know why “share group with additional users” option is not working?.

I could’t fix and I need it.

Thank you in advance.

after you share your roster groups, try closing and restarting spark. Sparks can be a little slow at refreshing shared groups.

I did many times. I checked the issue with other users, all can see the correct groups and members. I’m in an AD group with other co-workers and we are not able to see the correct information. We can see just some groups from Spark and not all. It’s strange because ALL members of other groups are seeing everything included us.

Its hard to say, but check the rosters on the ones you can not see, and make sure its shared to all users. if you have “the following group…” selected, then you have to make sure the group your a member of is listed and highlighted.