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Contact list users disappearing

I notice that if a contact is being deleted from a remote user’s contact list, it also gets deleted from the local users’s list. Is there a way to prevent user list from being deleted locally from spark client?

What means remote contact list ?

If it means contact list on server. Then

No. Spark loads contact list from server. And if you delete contact from server it will be deleted from your spark client too. And when you delete contact from your list into client it also delete this contact from server.

It is possible to create plugin witch will copy your contact list from one client and restore all contacts (even deleted from server) after next load.

hi Konstantin, let me rephrase, User A and User B both have each other on their contactlist, when user A deletes User B from his contact list, it also deletes user A from User B’s contact list. What I meant is , is there a way for the users to maintain their own contact list locally?