Contact requests

I know this has been raised on the discussions a number of times but I can’t find an answer that will work for our situation.

We are currently using Openfire 3.6.0a and the gateway plugin to connect users to MSN and Gtalk. When an external user adds one of our users as a contact we don’t get any subscribe requests. The gateway is forwarding any messages that are sent from the external account but this is causing issues with our client as it rejects messages from unknown contacts. If we test using Spark we get similar results (although new Gtalk contacts appear after we log out and then back in again - without asking).

Is this working in the current gateway plugin? If so is there anything obvious that we could be doing wrong?

If you are running the subscritpion plugin and have it configured to accept all, this will apply to gateway requests as well. You need to set the plugin to accept local. Then all gateway and S2S request will still require approval, and a notification request will go to the user.

We don’t currently use the subscription plugin. The only plugins that we use are the gateway and search plugins plus some of our own (none of which handle subscription).