Contact rosters not updating - think I know why!

This has been plaguing me for some time now and have done several posts in the past with no luck. However, I think I’‘ve discovered what’‘s happening with users’’ rosters not updating dynamically.

First, I didn’'t notice this bug until we went from 2.0.x to 2.1.x (I belive that was the time frame), and the problem had persisted. Now, on to the explanation:

I have a single Wildfire Server (currently 3.1.1 w JRE 1.5.0_10 & mySQL 5.x). I am maintaining 3 companies inside it and departments within each company. My approach to displaying the proper rosters was this:

  1. Create a group the the comapny (example: CompanyA). Put all users that work for CompanyA in this group. Do not share this group or make it visible.

  2. Create departmental groups for said company (ex: CompaAcct). Put all users for that department into the group, and share that group w CompanyA.

This showed me what I wanted to see in terms of the roster, but the roster would now update at all. So today, I decided to take it back to basics & play a hunch. Here’'s what I did:

  1. Stopped sharing of all Company* groups.

  2. Only had users see the groups of which they are a member of, with the excpetion of IT (IT sees all groups).

I contacted a user in one of the departments via Spark & saked what he saw on his roster. He said he saw only the Software department, did not see the IT department & that I was not online. At this point, I realized that I had forgotten to have the IT department visible to all groups so I went back & shared IT with everyone. I instantly appeared online & the IT department appeared.

Now this raises some questions:

  1. Why is it if I’'m not a member of a given group, I would appear off line?

  2. Is there an issue with doing the grouping the way I described? One issue certainly comes to mind: My server is a P4 3GHz w 1GB RAM, 512 of which is devoted to Wildfire. Using the method I initially described, my memory usage was almost peaked 24/7. After reverting to the “basic” implementation, it PLUMITED down to 40MB (and I’'m serving at least 100 users daily).

Any ideas as to what is causing this, or the recommended way to share groups?