Contacts disappearing in client

Hello -

New administrator to Openfire/Spark.

Just installed and setup my first instance at a customer. We are using SQL Server express 2008, Server 2008 R2 on a HyperV instance and syncing with AD. openfire version 4.0.1, client 2.7.5

The setup went well, no issues other than connecting to SQL (turns out we had to use sa).

The issue I have as I am rolling out to end users (only done 5 as my pilot so far) when they add contacts - they will dissappear. They even disappear right after adding them. When you add them - they may not even show up at all as well.

I have read that this could be an issue with my AD configuration. I am wondering if anyone has any insight to this and what I can do to fix it? My environment is around 350 users (although only about 100 - 150 will use this).

Normally I would pour over data and try to fix myself - but I am kind of in a time crunch to fix this. Any help or guidance is apprectiated.


when you add a user to the roster, they other person has to approve them. This may be what you are experiencing. A way around this, is to used predefined shared roster groups within openfire.

Thanks for the quick reply. This actually is not the issue. I added the users and accepted the invitations on both sides. I have the users all in one area and we had noticed that the invitations needed to be accepted. Even after accepting they would show up - then disappear.