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Contacts list file location

Hello all

Can anyone tell me which file in the spark programme folder holds the contacts list ?

I’m trying to create an MSI package with a pre installed contacts list, and i don’t have a clue whereabouts the list is, is it tucked away in one of the jar files?



Anybody? this has got me really stumped

The contact list is loaded everytime Spark connects to the server. If you are using Openfire you may use shared groups to provide the same functionality, a pre-packaged roster, which you are looking for.



To add to Alex reply. These shared groups are dinamicly updated (if user is removed, then it will be gone in all users’ rosters). So you wount need to repackage your MSI just to remove/add someone from roster.

Brilliant, thanks for that guys

Just need to get my head round creating a pre packaged roster on openfire