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Why is it when I try to add a new contact it does’nt appear? Or maybe I should ask, how do you add a contact and have it appear in your list?

you should make some groups…

it is better way,if you add their name one by one

Yes, if you are managing your own Openfire server along with your Spark clients, then you can create Groups on the server and have it auto-populate people’s Roster’s with group members. This is helpful if you use Spark within a company where certain departments or the entire company should have visible access to chat with others. You can use this to setup multiple groups such as an Accounting Group, a HR group, IT group, etc, along with an overall Master group with everyone.

There is also a plugin for Openfire that can auto-add new users to specific groups, reducing a few clicks for you to manage.

Checkout some of the plugsin for Openfire, most are quite helpful.

In Openfire go to --> Plugins --> Available Plugins

The Registration Plugin might be of interest to you.

jandosn, woul you mind answering my questions??

i have two questions,the client who can’t chat inside group and the error that chat can’t be displayed