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Content Filter Expression

I’m trying to come up with a content filter expression to capture everything. using something like \S will capture everything, but if a user types in something and pauses before they hit enter to send it, an empty notification gets sent anyway. Even if they just hit the space bar in the chat window. So depending on how long they take to type something it, there will be at least 2 notifications, possibly many more. Once they hit enter, then what they actually sent is logged. I can’t figure out a good expression to tell it something along the lines of [anything]+[newline]. Has anyone ever tried this before?

I’ve been playing with this some more and it looks like the Spark client isn’t sending a newline \n character at the end of the message. Does anyone have an idea what it’s sending as the line terminator? I can use \b.\b so that any message with more than one word would get captured. I would prefer to use something like \b[spark end of line] or just [spark eol] would trigger an match

And a bug. If you enter some markup, as the pattern, you break the content filter web page. You end up with something like the following in your pattern box and nothing after that to help you edit it back.







Group Chat



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OK, even after un-installing the content filter plugin, deleting it’s directory and .jar file under plugins, and re-installing the plugin, I still get the html code showing up in the filter box. So it’s obviously saving the data somewhere else. Does it store this info in the database?

For anyone else who has this problem, you ahve to edit the table dbo.ofProperty plugin.contentFilter.patterns and clear it out. back to my original issue, My problem was that I didn’t check “Filter users presence status”. Once I did this, is just put a “.” in the filter expression and it will take anything typed in and match it. I’m going to be using this as a compliance tool. We have to log every email and IM message sent or recieved. Since we already ahve a tool that logs emails to WORM tape, I’m just going to dump all of the IM conversations on to the same tape through this tool.

Correction, it works for a few times. Then it goes back registering a match if someone hits the space bar but doesn’t send anything