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Content filter - multiple instances?

I would like to disallow any messages which do not contain a certain string, say “MYSTRING”.

I would also like to remove “MYSTRING” from messages which do contain it.

So, basically it would be impossible to send a message which does not contain “MYSTRING”, but “MYSTRING” would be stripped out of all the messages sent.

So I’'ve taken a look at the ContentFilter plugin, and it looks like I could easily accomplish one or the other of these tasks, but not both together. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Toby,

Interesting set of requirements.

As you stated the ContentFilter will do some but not all of what you’'re wanting to do, although modifying it to meet all your requirements would not be all that difficult to do. Are you familiar with Java? If so, you could download the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/source.jspWildfire source[/url] which includes the source to all the plugins and make the changes yourself.

Hope that helps,


I think that’‘s probably the best bet then. I know it sounds like a strange requirement but it makes sense for what I’'m trying to accomplish I swear;)

Thanks a bunch for your assistance