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Content Filter - new release - points awarded for testing!

Attached in latest version of content filter for Wildfire 2.4.x, includes some new features such as email notification, larger text input areas and some minor bug fixes. I am awarding points for testing so if you want to have a go, let me know how you get on.

After some further testing, hopefully it will go on the plugins page in a few days.

You may build it from Wildfire trunk if you like.



You wern’‘t kidding when you said it won’'t be too long!

Just given it a quick go on WF on win2k3 and noticed the following:

plugin screen says 1.0.1 when it’'s 1.1.1, change log correctly says 1.1.1 though

Disabling Alert via IM doesn’'t have any effect, it always sends the alert.

The alert sent via IM includes both “Disallowed content…” and now has a second line with a copy of the “Message rejected. This is an automated server response” , which i’‘m sure it didn’'t do before!

Email sending, can’‘t seem to get this working. In the “Email Settings” screen the smtp server is setup and a test message can be sent - although it’‘s sent as 01/01/1970 but thats probably a WF bug. In the plugin setup I’‘ve entered a valid account name and as that IM account receives alerts it must be correct. That IM account has a valid email address set in the accounts setup so not really sure what is wrong. All I can guess is that the email is being sent to the IM account name and not that account’'s email address? The debug log just said this:

2006.01.08 23:49:57 Content filter: include original msg?true

2006.01.08 23:49:57 Notification by IM?false

2006.01.08 23:49:57 Notification by Email?true

2006.01.08 23:49:57 Content filter: rejecting packet.

2006.01.08 23:49:57 Content filter: intercepted packet:



Thanks James,

Will have a fix asap and repost on this thread.


Heres a new version of the content filter. I actually attached the wrong version last night which would explain the lack of email function!

Could not replicate the double message issue, and I also could not replicate the IM notification issue, but that may be due to attaching the wrong file.

All feedback appreciated!


Works like a charm! All the above bugs are gone.

Two minor things.

When the email is sent it has a subject of “Content filter notification!”, could you change that to

Content filter notification! ( ) . It would really help when viewing a long list of these emails.

The other, which is probably a WF bug, is that the emails sent lack the Date header so appear as from 01/01/1970 and as such get put at the wrong end of my inbox

Many thanks



Attached is latest update.

User name is set in email subject.

Email sent date is also correctly set.

Let me know how you go.



Many thanks for all your work on this plugin.


Will post plugin to downloads page.