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I was talking with Matt about content filter plugin and I’'d like to give a suggestion to it:

In Content Mask section, you could implement it in this way:

( ) Disabled - Packets will be rejected.

( ) Enabled

( ) Packets will be accepted, but the administrator will be notified.

( ) Packets will be masked.

Mask: ***

The “first option” in Enabled would act as a spy function. The packets would be sent, but the administrator would receive a copy of the message when there has been a pattern match. Having done that, the administrator only needed to choose its kind of notification in Content Match Notification to receive it as an IM notification or email.

Would it be possible?




Hi Eduardo,

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I missed this post. It is certainly possible to do what you want. Maybe you have already implemented it? If so I can add your code, if not I can try and add this for you.

Let me know,



P.S. Its better at the moment to send me emails to my personal email address (available via my public profile).

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Update should be posted to plugins page soon!

Good Job, Conor! it’'s perfect!



Hi Conor,

Would it be nice if it can.

  1. Can it SAVE all the concerstation between all user into database? So, Admin can review the message any time they want?

  2. Is this content.jar Open Source? Is yes, may I know where I can download the source code?

Many thanks.

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First off thanks for this plug in, yet could you make it have more fields for input and response per that input?

For now I use:

Enabled - Packets will be filtered.




Enabled - Notifications will be sent out.

Rejection message: Line limit max 8 per post, if you would like to FLOOD/SPAM this room send $99 USD monthly to zaxter.

I would like to have other replies sent via other matches.

Thanks for your time & Take Care!

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