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Content Filtering

I have some issues with the content filtering module for Openfire, I’'d really appreciate some help…

I plan to use Openfire in an for a Local Education Authority and I’'m evaluating the feature set. Being that pupils are going to use this system the need for a content filter is paramount.

I can’‘t get the filter to work correctly for me at all. If I return to default settings and “enable packet filtering” and select reject, it will reject. But it simply won’'t Allow the filtered packets with a mask.

So to sum up - I can get rejection to work. But not filtering and masking - any thoughts?

This is a the sample patter I have used - (?i)“test”\b

I have also used word,word, patterns to test.

Second issue, is there an available content patterns list that I can cut and paste in? The thought of having to create a pattern for every ‘‘naughty’’ word I know fills me with dread…



I have masking working now, due to the use of regular expressions. But does anyone have a list of marked up expletives?

This would save me a lot of time.