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Contributing a Pubsub extension for Smack

As I could not find a usable pubsub client library to use with Smack, I have written my own. It will be done in a few days, after which I will need to add some documentation. Then I would like to contribute it to the current Smack project.

I haven’t seen any instructions on how to accomplish this, so I am hoping this will lead me in the right direction. I have tagged it with patch, although it is not actually a bug fix as I believe the tag is intended for.

Please advise or contact me as to what steps I should take.


please provide a patch file (idealy for Eclipse) as attachment in this forum an a brief description to it. I ll create a Jira entry with reference to the patch an include it in the patch listing for Smack patches waiting for trunk http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1722

The code maintainer for Smack it Matt Tucker, but he hasn’t done that much lately. I can not comment about the timeline of an inclusion in Smack.



Curious about this as I’m starting a pub/sub project for CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) messages. What would you say are the chief differences (other than freshness!) between what you’re constructing and su-smack?

That su-smack has a lot of problems … or a lot of people are not able to use it

In general I think the biggest problem is the bad documentation (server configuration, su-smack … no javadoc or something like that and no HOW TO).

Yes, I can see that. Not sure why there’s still no native PubSub support in Smack after all these revs… any theories?

The major difference with su-smack is…

An actual user API.

I found that su-smack was difficult to use since it basically just provided some Java objects that you had to use to manually construct each and every command stanza to send to the server. Basically, it is too low level and you had to refer to the spec to know how to construct commands to use it. Some things did not work properly either, so I had to get the source and modify it to get it to work.

Obviously I am hoping that people will find my version simpler to use, as there is an API based on the Pubsub concepts. The xml parsing is of course there, but it’s underneath the hood so to speak.

Cool… looking forward to it! Thanks!

release date?

Adding some extra javadoc right now. Then I need to add some userdoc. Should be ready by Tuesday. I am not sure how available it is after that, as I will post it here as a patch (as was suggested in this thread). The patch is really just an extension to the existing smack jars, and no modifications were made to the existing code. Thus, this ‘patch’ could be used on it’s own right away, whether it becomes part of the smackx.jar or not.

At this point, it has only been tested against OpenFire, so further testing would certainly be a good thing. And it follows the 1.12 version of the spec. I know OpenFire is an earlier version, and I have no idea what other servers use this version at this point. I modified the OpenFire code to fix a couple of bugs and update to 1.12 in some cases. This will be submitted as a patch as well.

sounds awesome …

thx in advance

That’s great, thanks!

Contributions are now uploaded on another thread (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/38433)