For a while now I’ve wanted to contribute to openfire development again. There doesn’t seem to be a clear way to assist and repository svn access is mostly for internal devs to commit.

I’m sure there are many others like myself who want to contribute code, improvements, and updates but right now we’re limited to getting our own offline copy of the source and developing in that manner. There’s not much collaboration in that method though and patch submission is limited to forum discussion.

Is there a way to formally join the dev team working on openfire? I’ve fixed bugs here and there on my production server and wish to improve functionality. Also to help push the beta into a stable version.

Have you read Becoming a Contributing Member?

It explains how to become a contributor, which does start with creating and contributing patches for other members to review and commit. Once you have gained confidence with existing members, you can get svn commit access yourself.

Make sure when providing patches, clearly state what they are for, so appropriate Jira issues can be raised and the patches added to them. Tag your forum discussions with bug_report and patch.

Hi Sam,

Create a Jira account, let me know what it is, and start writing some patches to attach to the Jira tickets. After a couple iterations, we’d be happy to get you rw access to SVN