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Control+backspace change

I recently updated my Spark client from a very old version to 2.6.3 and noticed that control+backspace is working differently. In Windows and many Windows applications control+backspace will delete all of the letters to the left of the cursor until it hits a non-alphanumeric character like punctuation or a space. In the Spark chat window the delete continues through punctuation instead of stopping.

For example, in other applications if the cursor is at the ^ and control+backspace is used, the result is on the following line.

These are a bunch^ of words.

These are a of words.

There are 2 spaces after “a” because control+backspace preserves the space to the left of the deleted word. This is the desired behavior. So while most applications leave the preceding space, Spark removes the preceding space, forcing the user to hit the spacebar every time control+backspace is used. It’s a small detail, but an important one. Even if there is no defined standard, most or all other Windows applications that I use work the same way. Havnig one that works differently makes it frustrating to use.