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Control the received messages in the history for an specified user

Hi, please help me!!

In the class “DiscussionHistory” in Smack API I can control the received messages (history) when I join in the room, I can specify the date, for example with “setSince()”. Is there any way in the Wildfire API to receive the messages (history) when I specify an user?

For example, I specify to the server (with some way through the Smack) the user "robert@jabber.org", so, when I join in the room I will receive only his messages in the history. Do you understand?

Sorry for my English, I´m brazilian

Hi Hially,

there are a lot of Spanish speaking members, and also the English speaking ones respect bad English. But there is one thing I (and probably some others) don’'t like to see: Choosing the wrong forum and post a Smack post in the Wildfire forum. Especially as you did already post it in the Smack forum here http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20049 .


I´m so sorry for I posted it in this forum and bothered you[/b] and the others members. I posted it here because maybe my problem could not be solved with only Smack API, so I asked for help here. Good bye.

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don’‘t worry, but it’'s nice to post also this information and probably a link to the original question as you did get there some help. In any way the Wildfire Dev forum would be the much better place if you want to modify some code or the Wildfire API. Maybe you need to write a server plugin if this can not be covered by Wildfire with the existing specs / JEPs.