Conversation Logs or History

Hi All,

i have installed Open fire 3.3.2 Version. Everything working fine for me. I have installed it for intranet users. I had a problem with viewing users logs files. I have enabled Audit Policy. And i have downloaded i-ball plugin and i copied to the plugins folder (/opt/openfire/plugins). But it did’nt appeared on the web admin console of openfire. Can u please help to setup i-ball plugin or is any other plugin available to view log files.



Hi Surendra,

as far as I know this is a known i-ball plugin problem. It seems that it is no longer developed and the last version is not compatible with Openfire. One may want to download the source and modify it so one can compile it together with Openfire.


Perhaps you might want give Open Archive a try. It implements XEP-0136 to your server.

Personally, I really love this plugin. It should make it easier for me to log things, since I use different clients at different locations. Although, I couldn’t find any client yet that supports server side logging. But I know some are working on it. So I am ready for the future for more information and download.

Hi @MxSan,

I tried u r said plugin, But the Admin console it is not showing proper format (???

Can u help me out to resolve this problem.



Well, I didn’t made this plugin, so I can’t give you any type of support. I only can say it works as it should at my server, except the page-title in the browser shows: “Openfire ???login.title???: Archive Settings”. But as I said, it still works great for me, so I ignore the page-title. It is the only minor bug I found.

I am really sorry for the fact I can’t help you.

Did you download the right version for your copy of Openfire?


I have installed Open fire 3.3.2 and archive-1.0.3.jar. Any sugesstions ?



Try deleting the installed plugin (both jar file and extracted folder) and then place the jar file back into the plugins directory. If Openfire does not pick it up straight away, then restart the server.

Try renaming the plugin jar-file to archive.jar in stead of archive-1.0.3.jar. First copy it to your desktop, so the plugin will be unloaded. Rename it, and copy it back

I’ve read somewhere this might help. Don’t know for sure, but it is worth a try.

Edit: leebwalker posted a few seconds before me, while I was writing this.

I check it but it is having same problem.


Any one can tell me how to access archieved messages from server. I am trying in my android application, but unable to build up any logic, which will get chat messages from server in my android app.

i hope any one can give focus on client side also, and will reply me very soon, that how to access stored messages at server(means how can we implement XEP-0136 at client hand?).