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Converse.js not connecting to Openfire server

I believe I have my Openfire server setup correctly to allow BOSH connections from my converse client. When I attempt to login to converse (providing username: admin@localhost, password: *******), the following is outputted in the console:

The following appears in the Openfire logs at the same time:

If anybody had any pointers of how to overcome this issue I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Are you certain converse will work from a file:/// resource and not properly served up from a webserver?

Thank you for your reply!

When I leave the bosh_service_url: 'https://conversejs.org/http-bind/' it seems to run perfectly. I can register users on coversejs.org and login no problem.

Regardless of this, I forgot to mention that I am using XAMPP, and have modified apache in the same way that this user did: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28442430/how-to-connect-converse-js-with-openfire .

Perhaps my modifications on this end are part of the problem?

If you are registering users, then you need to configure Openfire to allow that.

At the moment, iā€™m only trying to login to converse.js using my openfire administrator username and password.