Convert database from embedded to MySQL


We’re using Openfire 3.4… How can I convert my embededed database to MySQL? I don’t see any instructions to what I assume would be a common request.

Any help is SO appreciated!

– John

Hey John,

Maybe we need to create a document about this request. It is interesting to see that slowly more people are making the very same question. Have you searched on this forums for this question? It was already answer several times. Basically, you have to edit the script file in the embedded-db folder and execute the INSERT statements that you have in that file. The SQL syntax is valid in MySQL so it should be fine.


– Gato

Hi Gato -

The problem is that I find the forum search capability almost totally useles in the way it returns results. Can you paste i the URL to the post you mention? Or the steps?


– John

I guess there’s no URL? Sorry - but the searching sucks on these forums and I can’t find it. if anyone has this, please let me know.


Hi John,

the embedded-db directory contains an openfire.script file and maybe also an openfire.log file.

It should be possible to run this file (without the first lines which contain DDL) after creating the MySQL database with the Openfire schema.