Convert embedded database to mysql database?

How to upgrade wildfire from the embedded database to a MySQL database without loosing settigns ??

I was using embedded database as well but just wonder anyone know how to convert it into MySQL Database.

The hsqldb database usually stores its tables and data in a file ending with .script. You should be able to find all your data there. It should be possible to run the inserts statements you find there.

Alternatively have a look at hypersonic guide, there is some references to tools that allow you to get a dump and/or do a transfer.



if you are just interested in the users the export/import plugin would be fine.


Do i have to reinstall WildFire?

What is the easiest way to switch from the internal to mysql database?

Anybody has some ‘‘short’’ instructions on what to do? Hopefully with keeping ALL settings and data?



if you want to keep all settings then you may want to shutdown Wildfire and make a copy embedded-db/wildfire.script to mysql-import.sql.

Then you need to remove the first lines including “SET SCHEMA PUBLIC” from it and run it in a mysql session. This should insert all values in an existing MySQL database.

If you don’'t want to edit the database connection provider manually within conf/wildfire.xml you may change there and run the setup again.