Convert embedded-db to mysql

Having a problem converting the embedded-db to mysql 5.0. Running wildifre 3.0.1. I was able to create a schema according to the docs and the mysql script file. The problem is with the case of the table names. embedded-db has all of the tables in UPPER CASE, but the schema is like this a combinataion of upper and lower case, like this…“JiveUserProp”. Here is the error I get when trying to do a insert

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘‘wildfire.JIVEUSERPROP’’ doesn’'t exist

Does anyone know if there is a ignore case during a insert



setting lower_case_table_names=1 within MySQL may help if you don’'t want to change your script. I have no idea if this is good for Wildfire or MySQL performance. And it may affect all MySQL databases on your server.



It does looks like that would be a good option. It would affect the entire system since it is a system property, but it would require me to make all of the tablename lowercase, according to the mysql docs. I’'m afraid this might cause problems with future upgrades to the schema.

When we create the database tables in hsqldb, we don’'t use all caps. I think hsqldb simply stores tables names that way.

One thing you might try is the migration tool that’'s part of hsqldb. If you shutdown Wildfire and then run the bin/extra/embedded-db-viewer.bat file to access the hsql tools.



I think that viewer only works on a windows box.

It’'s actually pure Java so should work on any OS. We only have the .bat file at the moment, but you could look at it to see how we startup the app and copy that logic to other platforms.