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Cool plugins being developed?

So, anyone working on a cool plugin that they would like to share?


I’‘ve got some ideas floating around in my head, but I haven’‘t written any code yet. =D (I’‘ve been interested in an excuse to familiarize myself with Java, and the plugin architecture for Spark and Wildfire look like a good place to start) I’‘ve been kicking around the idea of a plugin to handle service discovery (browsing), for example. I’'m leaning towards starting with Spark instead of Wildfire since Spark will be much easier to test with (I think). Please do let me know if this is already being worked on and hence, stupid for me to look into. ;D

Hi Jadestorm,

That sounds like a very cool idea. However, there is a jabber service discovery within spark (I think it’'s F8). Let me know if that is what you were thinking of.



Kind of =) But I was thinking about one that has a Psi-like interface and that you would right-click on for various other functionality. (for example, things like ad-hoc commands and registration and such)

Is it possible to tap into the existing disco display? (like write plugins that interact with it directly?)

Is there any other functionality like that that’‘s “hidden”? I can’'t see anywhere where F8 is listed.

I’‘m very excited about Spark, it’‘s got a nice clean interface and i’'ve been looking for a good client that has a lot of functionality and like… works. ;D