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Copy/Paste from Word/Excel bug in 2.5

when you copy/paste any text from Word/Excel into Spark 2.5, it also adds a small image along with the text in Spark. It only happens in version 2.5, the previous versions were fine and they would only take the text. Am I missing something or it is a bug.


I have observed this problem in 2.5.0 and it still occurs in 2.5.1b1.

It only happens, if I copy text from Word or Excel: When you paste the text, it looks like you had tried to paste an image.

My suspicion is, this happens due to these Microsoft Office programs putting the selection into the clipboard in the CF_DIB (device independent bitmap) format, not only as text, Unicode and Rich Text. So Spark think, you are pasting an image and those are supposed to be sent right away.

Screenshot of some cells from Excel pasted into Spark:

Who files a bug?

confirming this in 2.5.1

Thanks for the report I’'ve filed SPARK-707 to fix this issue. Spark is just not understanding the dataflavor and defaulting to image mime type.

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